13th Age: GM Screen and Resource Book

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    The 13th Age GM's Screen and Resource Book features incredible new art from 13th Age lead artists Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer, a 64-page resource book, and a fold out map of the Dragon Empire.

    The Gamemaster Screen
    The screen is three-ply and portrait-oriented, with the essential information a GM needs to run the game:

    Skill Check DCs, Trap Obstacle Attacks & Impromptu Damage by Environment
    Chum the Adventure (d20 roll when you wish to be entertained)
    Intercepting and Disengaging
    Baseline Stats for Monsters, Monster Equivalents, Customizing a Monster, and Leveling a Monster
    GP Per Full Heal-Up, and Optional No Math System
    Item Chakras and Default Bonuses
    Consumables Costs
    GM Stuff to Remember
    Rule Recaps for: Ambush & Surprise, Death & Dying, Fight in Spirit, Flee, Grabbed (new rules), Invisibility, No Recoveries, Ongoing Damage, Rally, Resistance, Shooting into Melee, Temporary Hit Points, Unarmed Attacks

    The Resource Book
    The resource book includes advice, guidance and rules for:

    Using icon relationship rolls, with variations on the icon roll mechanic and examples of how benefits and complications can work in play
    Creating 13th Age adventures on the spot, with zero preparation
    Running montages (introduced in Organized Play, and expanded here)
    Incorporating terrain into battles, including creating environments and locations for different tiers of play
    Building better battles
    Helping players craft useful and interesting backgrounds, with advice on handling backgrounds that seem too powerful or too weak
    Creating memorable NPCs, with a sampling of icon-related NPCs - each with a brief description, Three Things that bring them to life in player's minds, and suggested monster roles and initiative to guide GMs in building them out using the DIY monster rules And more!

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