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Featured Games

Ticket To Ride

With elegantly simple gameplay, Ticket to Ride can be learned in under 15 minutes, while providing players with intense strategic and tactical decisions every turn. Players collect cards of various types of train cars they then use to claim railway routes in North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who fulfill Destination Tickets – goal cards that connect distant cities; and to the player who builds the longest continuous route.

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In Catan (formerly The Settlers of Catan), players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn, dice are rolled to determine what resources the island produces. Players collect these resources (cards)—wood, grain, brick, sheep, or stone—to build up their civilizations to get to 10 victory points and win the game.

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7 Wonders

You are the leader of one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources, develop commercial routes, and affirm your military supremacy. Build your city and erect an architectural wonder which will transcend future times.

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Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror is a cooperative adventure game themed around H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Players choose from 16 Investigators and take to the streets of Arkham. Before the game, one of the eight Ancient Ones is chosen and it's up to the Investigators to prevent it from breaking into our world. During the course of the game, players will upgrade their characters by acquiring skills, allies, items, weapons, and spells. It's up to the players to clean out the streets of Arkham by fighting many different types of monsters, but their main goal is to close portals to other dimensions that are opening up around town. With too many portals open the Ancient One awakens and the players only have one last chance to save the world. Defeat the Ancient One in combat!

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Smash Up

The "shufflebuilding" game Smash Up starts with a simple premise: Take the twenty-card decks of two factions, shuffle them into a forty-card deck, then compete to smash more Bases than your opponents! Each faction brings a different game mechanism into play – pirates move cards, zombies bring cards back from the discard pile, dinosaurs have huge power – and every combination of factions brings a different play experience.

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Star Wars X-Wing: Core - A New Hope *2

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission!

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Upcoming Events


The city now known as Frostgrave is thawing and wizards are exploring the icy ruins looking for treasure and magic.


In honor of Sabine's Tie fighter release. We will be playing Traitor in the Ranks ( Small ships only) . Each Player needs to build 100 Squads with 1 unquie Pilot. The remaining points will be generic pilots and upgrades identical to each other. Once opponents are picked you will have to adjust squads. Attacker gets one extra ship Generic and defender has to loose that point value. Defender will get to pick a generic ship at the start. At any point in the game the defender will activate his pick ship (Traitor) to use for the remainder of the game.

Dice Masters Rainbow Draft

Dice Masters returns to the Isle with our first draft of the year. Cost will be $12.Head over to the WizKids event page to sign up as there will be a 12 player cap. http://win.wizkids.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=195590


I will be running a Borderland Provences one shot that also could take off into a full campagin . I will have pregens avalible and the event is free to play. I will be posting more info later.

Star Trek Attack Wing: Klingon Civil War Month 3

Klingon Civil War Month 3: Baiting the Romulans $5 entry fee. 120 Points Constructed Fleets. Participation Prize this month is the All Stop Resource and Reference Cards. Winner and fellowship get the I.K.S. I.K.S Toral, B’Rel Class Starship premium card pack! The Grand Prize winner will recieve Sela's Warbird, D’deridex Class Starship Prize Ship! Mission Rules can be found in here: http://wizkids.com/posters/repository/attackwing/72325%20Instruction%20Sheet.pdf Feel free to preregister for the event in the Wizkids Event System here: http://win.wizkids.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=195495

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