Marvel Crisis Protocol: Core Set

Marvel Crisis Protocol:  Core Set

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Core Set

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Save the world or conquer it with Crisis Protocol, a tactical hobby game set in the Marvel Universe! Take command of legendary heroes and villains to complete narrative missions on an interactive tabletop.Assemble and paint beautifully detailed miniatures of your favorite characters. Build a roster of iconic Marvel characters to create your very own Marvel dream team. During battle characters earn Power,a key resource allowing them to harness incredible super powers,coordinate amazing team-up moves, or use the battlefield itself as a weapon.


Players can collect, paint, and battle with their favorite iconic Marvel heroes and villains

- All miniatures are cast in industry leading hard plastic ensuring exceptional detail

- Innovative interactive terrain rules allow characters to throw, smash, and collide with nearly every terrain element on the tabletop


Box Contents 10 character miniatures 10 bases 1 Daily Bugle stand 2 cars 2 dumpsters 2 traffic lights 2 lampposts 170 Tokens 20 team tactics cards 3 map cards * 2 affiliation cards 10 character stat cards 6 crisis cards 3 movement tools 4range tools 1 learn to play 10 dice


Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.